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New chat feature

Chat privately with your clients

Make it easy for your clients to communicate with you real time, during the check in process and ongoing, whenever you want.

  • Easy client search to find any client to chat with
  • Chat history
  • Desktop and push notifications as well as alert tones for all new messages
  • No more phone calls or voicemails
  • CheckN keeps your personal and business communications separate - don't give your clients your cell phone number
  • Use on any device (web-based, iPhone, Android, iPads, Tablets and watches) and as many as devices as you want all at the same time

Get checked in with

Check in to your appointments, services, events, and curbside pick-up all from your mobile CheckN app.

Use for : healthcare, veterinary, behavioral health, barber shops, salons, curbside pickup and more

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Select business or scan QR code to check in
Hang tight and relax in your car or nearby location
Receive a notification when it’s your turn

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No phone calls. No texting. No hassle.

Manage your check ins from one simple check in screen. Use on any devices (PCs, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches) all at the same time.