Too busy to manage walk-in clients?

We got you covered.

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CheckN makes it easy for your barbershop to manage walk-ins

  • All of your barbers receive notifications whenever a new walk in checks in.
  • Any barber can reply to the client when they are ready to see them and/or manage by your front desk.
  • Notifies client if no barber is available and your shop can schedule for a later time.
  • Compliments any scheduling software - no integrations
  • Easy to use - get started in minutes.

CheckN makes it fast and easy for walk-ins to get checked in.

Clients simply scan QR code with their phone and CheckN opens in their browser (no app downloading). And/or your shop can use a touchscreen device for clients use.

Clients receive notifications on their phone when a barber is ready to see them with barber name and chair/station number.

Client chat feature

Barbers are notified every time a new client requests a service.

Pro Tip

Also use these push notifications to send promotions to clients.