Too busy to answer the phones and check voicemail?

Don't put your clippers down, we got you covered

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Now with chat messaging

CheckN makes it easy for your clients to communicate with your barber shop. No phone calls or voicemail.

  • Instead of phone calls, use CheckN to make it easy for your clients to communicate with you
  • No more leaving your clients sitting in the chair while you answer the phone
  • Receive alert tones whenever you receive a new chat and you can respond when you have time
  • Avoid no shows. Make it easy for clients to cancel and fill openings
  • CheckN keeps your personal and business communications separate - don't give your clients your cell phone number
  • Easy client search to find any client to chat with
  • Chat history

Get checked in with

With CheckN, your clients can check into their appointment from their car or nearby location until you are ready to see them.

  • No integration into your schedule software – get started in a few minutes
  • Use on any device (web-based, iPhone, Android, iPads, Tablets and watches) and as many as devices as you want all at the same time
  • No data fees